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Order support

Welcome to the order support section. Browse here to find answers about placing orders, deliveries and status updates. We also have articles about how to cancel orders or how to change a shipping address. If you can’t find your answer, feel free to contact our support desk. We are available on work days between 9:00 and 18:00 Amsterdam time and we try to answer all questions within 4 working hours.

How long does it take to print my order?

When will my order be printed? When your order is printed and shipped depends on a few factors. In this article we will explain these factors and help you determine when your order will be printed. The short answer: Orders placed on work days before 16:00 will [...]

How to change the order address?

How to change a shipping address for an open order If your customer supplied you with a wrong address and you would like to change this in our system, this guide will help you. Please note: When the order is already shipped, there is nothing we can [...]

How to place an order?

How to place an order at Invition? There are a couple different ways to place an order depending on what you need. On this page we explain how to place an order. First you have to choose left or right: Choose manual when you want to: [...]

Shipping costs & delivery times

Shipping costs & delivery times You can use this article to find everything about shipping. First we will explain more about our cut-off time and shipping levels, this information is required to understand the shipping and delivery times. When will my order be shipped? [...]

VerpackG German Packaging Act

Is Invition complaint with VerpackG (German Packaging Act)? The short answer: yes, we are. You don't need any registration yourself if you sell just our products or products that ship from our warehouse. We are registered in the Lucid Zentrale Verpackungsregister. What is VerpackG and what are [...]

What’s the difference between bulk and dropship orders?

What's the difference between bulk and dropshipping? Short answer: Bulk is shipped to you, dropship orders go directly to your customer. Dropship orders Dropship orders are sent directly to your customer. This is the easiest way of shipping. We have high volume contracts [...]