Tough phone cases

Our tough cases are made for consumers that will add extra protection to their phone. The cases are made from two parts: rubber at the inside and a hard case at the outside. The combination of two materials absorbs shocks. Tough cases are available for iPhone and S-series of Samsung.

  • Extra protection
  • Matt and glossy cases
  • Sublimation printing
  • Available for iPhone and S-serie of Samsung

  • Thicker than a soft or hard case

How much will you earn?

Purchase price for automated ordering
Excluding VAT and Shipping
Purchase price for manual ordering
Excluding VAT and Shipping
Suggested retail price €24,95
Extra strong printed Tough cases

Best protection

Protected by the rubber part at the inside and a hard case at the outside.

Scratch resistant

The ink is absorbed in the material, it will never scratch off.

Best quality prints

Full colour photos and company logos printed with the highest accuracy.

Fast shipping

The case will be printed and shipped in 24 hours on workdays.

How does the printing system work?

We print our tough cases with the use of sublimation printing. The design will be printed on a special film first, using sublimation inks. After this, the print is sublimated from the film to the product. For our tough cases we use a special paper to print the design on. To be able to transfer a print from the film to the product with sublimation, we need two things: Heat and Pressure.

3D film sublimation

The first element is not so hard. To generate heat we need an oven. The second one is a bit more tricky. On flat products we can simply apply a transfer press on the product, but as we are printing the tough case fully wrapped around the product, this will not do the work. But of course we do have a solution for this! What we need is vacuum. We attach the design to the case and after this the tough cases are placed on top of specially formed molds in the oven. When everything is in position and the oven is 140 degrees, the vacuum pump makes the final move. We control if there are no interruptions and the vacuum is placed around the mold properly. The vacuum pump takes out all the air between the film and the products making the film with a customers design melt around the cases. The design is kept in place firmly because of the high vacuum pressure.

Matt and glossy finish

For all available models we offer a matt finished case. For a few models we have a glossy case in stock as well. When to choose which case?

Glossy cases

Does the customer really likes high resolution? There is nothing like a glossy case. Even though it’s printed using the sublimation technique as well, the glossy cases have slightly more powerful colours and images look sharper on gloss. The surface is so smooth, we are able to reach the standard that photographers expect.

Printed Tough case Glossy

Matt cases

The most durable cases are the matt cases. This case is really hard to scratch because of the material and the matte texture. Even after months of daily use, this product still looks like it did on delivery. The case is a lot easier to hold since the texture also works as an anti slip feature. This prevents you from dropping it.

Printed Tough case matte

Printed to the edge

Because we use the vacuum technique to print the tough cases, we can print all around the tough case. Every visible part will be printed, even the edges on the front. The print completely blends with the product, which gives it a spectacular look.

Printed Tough case front view