Smart cases for iPad

The smart cases are the most popular protection for iPads. For all generations of the Apple iPad we offer a smart case. The combination of a case and stand is ideal for daily use of the Apple tablet. The case is made of white artificial leather. The screen of the iPad is protected at the inside with suede-like material.

  • Best protection
  • Multi functional in use

  • Sublimation printing

How much will you earn?

Purchase price for automated ordering
Excluding VAT and Shipping
Purchase price for manual ordering
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Suggested retail price €34,95
Fully printed phone cases

Multi functional

The combination of a case and stand is ideal for daily use of the Apple tablet.

Best quality prints

Full colour photos and company logos printed with the highest accuracy.

Fast shipping

The case will be printed and shipped in 24 hours on workdays.

Best protection

The case will protect the iPad from: fall, scratch and minor impact damage.

How does the printing system work?

For printing the smart cases for the iPad we use the UV-printing technique. With this technique the design will be printed directly on the case, what makes the UV-printing technology different than others. After this the case is ready to ship!

3D film sublimation

With two UV-printers in house we can print quite some cases a day. We are the owners of the Roland Lef-20 and the Roland Lef-300. These printers can print multiple iPad cases, all with different designs, at once! What makes the UV-printer unique? By other printing technologies heat and pressure are the most important factors. The UV-printer doesn’t use these factors. The printing is done without the use of heat and pressure. The mold is large enough to be able to fully print multiple smart cases at once.


The smart case is made out of different materials. The back is covered by a white silicon case. The screen is protected by a polyeurethane flap finished with artificial leather on the outside. The inside is made of suede-like material that will protect the screen of the iPad. The design will be located on the outside of the flap, printed in the best quality using the latest technology making it everlasting and clear. The back of the case remains white. With this case the iPad will look great and it will be protected really good.

Use in multiple ways

The smart case is the ultimate form of protection for an iPad because it combines two parts that will protect it incomparably. Thanks to the case the iPad will be protected from all: scratch, fall and impact damage. The smart case can be used as a stand to place the iPad straight up. Ideal for daily life use! The case is also handy as it puts the iPad to sleep when its closed, and wakes it up when a customer opens the flap.