Face masks printed on demand

Most countries require people to use face masks in public spaces like restaurants, public transport and schools. Our face masks meet the requirements for most countries. The masks can be printed in full colour with pictures, patterns, texts, everything you want.

  • Two sizes available: medium and large

  • Sublimation printing ensures perfect printing quality

  • Washable and can be reused

How much will you earn?

Purchase price for automated ordering
Excluding VAT and Shipping
Purchase price for manual ordering
Excluding VAT and Shipping
Suggested retail price €12,95
Back printed phone case transparent

Two sizes

Medium size for small adult heads, large for regular to large heads.

Perfect prints

Full colour photos and company logos printed with the highest accuracy.

Fast shipping

When ordered on 4pm (Amsterdam time) on workdays, we’ll ship your case the same day.

Filters available

2.5 pm filters can be inserted in the mask. Price and availability on request.

Face masks with a sports team or company logo

Face masks are a perfect way to support a sports team or use as a promotional item for busineses. No need for purchasing large quantities, no need for large stock numbers, all our products are printed on demand and shipped the next work day. Start selling face masks with no risk!

Only for personal use

The face masks are only designed for personal use and to meet with the requirements of most countries. Do not use the masks in a medical environment as it does not meet the medical standards. It is possible to add a 2.5 pm filter, making it safer against Corona virus. These filters are available on request only. Face masks are not a guaranteed protection against Corona and should be used with care.

How does the printing system work?

Our face masks are printed with the sublimation technique. This is an indirect way of printing: the design will be printed on a special film first, using sublimation inks. For the face masks we use paper. After this, the print is sublimated from the film to the product. With this printing technique we can assure that we print the best quality face masks with no interruptions in the design! But how do we transfer the design from the film to the product? Heat and pressure are the answer.

Face mask proces image of papersublimation

To generate pressure we can simply apply a transfer press. This only does the work for flat products like the macbook sleeves. We attach the design to the sleeve and place the sleeves in the oven. When everything is in position, the pump starts pressing the design onto the products making the paper with the prints melt at the macbook sleeve. Because of the high pressure, the design is kept in place firmly.