Fully printed wallet cases

We can fully print wallet cases for phones using our UV-printing technique. For all iPhone-models and Samsung S-series we offer customisable wallet cases. Wallet cases are made of artificial leather and are white at the outside. These cases are made to protect and carry a phone as well to take pocket money or cards. The case holding your phone at it’s place is black and will fit your phone well.

  • Best protection for a phone
  • Storage space for cards and money
  • UV-printing technology
  • Thicker than a soft or hard case

How much will you earn?

Purchase price for automated ordering
Excluding VAT and Shipping
Purchase price for manual ordering
Excluding VAT and Shipping
Suggested retail price €24,95
Fully printed phone cases

Full phone protection

Wallet cases are protecting both the screen and housing of your phone.

Best quality prints

Using our UV-printing equipment there are no limits regarding resolution of your image.

Quick turnaround times

All cases ordered on workdays before 4pm (CET) are shipped at the same day.

Storage space inside

The wallet case has space to store cards and cash at the inside of the flap.

Look and feel of the wallet cases

Our fully printed wallet cases are made of artificial leather and they are animal-friendly. The cases we use are white and after printing the storage space remains white. The black case will fit the phone perfectly! To prevent interruptions in your design, we decided to change the closing system. Most wallet cases close using a flap which covers a part of the front of a wallet case, our wallets have a magnetic closure at the side of the case.

How does the printing system work?

Our fully printed wallet cases are printed using UV printers. These printers are capable of printing directly onto the product which makes it a fast and reliable technique.

We use the best print equipment available: Roland’s LEF-printers. We print wallet cases using a LEF-20 or LEF-300 . These printers can print up to six wallet cases, all with different designs, at once! Your images can be printed in all resolutions, that ensures your print can be as detailed as you want. The outside material of our wallet cases is specially developed for UV-printing purposes.

Printing the whole wallet case

Using our printing molds, it is possible to print the entire outside of the wallet case. From left to right, from top to bottom. Even the stitches are printed. Take a closer look on the image to see how that looks!