Fully printed phone cases

The fully printed phone cases are printed with sublimation and can be printed on all sides. Made of high quality materials to last a long time against scratches and bumps. The full colour and high resolution prints give the product a luxurious look. The perfect product to extend your business and build a professional brand.

  • Matt and glossy finish

  • Luxurious look

  • Sublimation printing

  • Not as protective as a wallet case

How much will you earn?

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Fully printed phone cases

Scratch resistant

The ink is absorbed in the material, it will never scratch off.

Best quality prints

Full colour photos and company logos printed with the highest accuracy.

Fast shipping

The case will be printed and shipped in 24 hours on workdays.

Slim fit

Fits like a second skin with openings to all buttons and ports.

How does the printing system work?

Fully printed cases are printed with transfer printing. This is an indirect way of printing: your design will be printed on a special film first, using sublimation inks. After this, the print is sublimated from the film to the product. To be able to transfer a print from the film to the product with sublimation, you need two things: Heat and Pressure.

3D film sublimation

The first thing is easy, to generate heat you just need an oven. The second one is a bit more tricky. On flat products you can simply apply a transfer press on the product, but as we are printing it fully wrapped around the product, this will not work.

What does work is vacuum. The cases are placed on top of specially formed moulds in the oven. Then the film containing the prints is placed in a jig above the products. When everything is in position, the vacuum pump in the bottom takes out all the air between the film and the products making the film with your design melt around the cases. Because of the high vacuum pressure, the design is kept in place firmly.

Matt and glossy finish

For all models we have a matt finished case available. For the most popular ones we also have a glossy case in stock. We are currently expanding our range of glossy cases so keep an eye on the product list for models being added! When to choose which case?

Matt cases

Matt cases are the most durable cases. Because of the material and the matte texture, this case is really hard to scratch. Even after months of daily use, this product still looks like it did on delivery. The texture also works as an anti slip feature, the case is a lot easier to hold which prevents you from dropping it.

Glossy cases

If high resolution is your thing, there is nothing like a glossy case. Even though it’s the same printing system, the glossy cases have slightly more powerful colours and images look sharper on gloss. Because the surface is so smooth, we are able to reach the standard that photographers expect.

Printed to the edge

Because we use the Vacuum technique to print these products, we can print all around the case. Every visible part will be printed, even the edges on the front. The print completely blends with the product, it does not look like a printed product but like a product that came straight from the factory.