Front printed wallet cases

Next to the fully printed wallet cases we have another wallet case solution: the front printed wallet case. We offer a front printed wallet case for over 30 different phone models. Only the front is printed with a design so the inside and back side of the wallet case remains black. The wallet case is multi functional since a customer can store some pocket money and cards at the inside.

  • Best protection for a phone

  • Storage space for cards and money
  • Printed with sublimation printing

  • Thicker than a soft or hard case

How much will you earn?

Purchase price for automated ordering
Excluding VAT and Shipping
Purchase price for manual ordering
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Suggested retail price €19,95
Fully printed phone cases

Cash & Cards

Space for cards and cash on the inside of the flap.

Best protection

Protection against all damages and scratches.

Best quality prints

Full colour photos printed with the highest accuracy.

Fast shipping

Printed and shipped in 24 hours on work days.

How does the printing system work?

Our front printed wallet cases are printed with sublimation technique. This is an indirect way of printing: the design will be printed on a special film first, using sublimation inks. For the front printed wallet case we use paper. After this, the print is sublimated from the film to the product. With this printing technique we can assure that we print the best quality cases with no interruptions in the design! But how do we transfer the design from the film to the product? Heat and pressure are the answer.

Front printed wallet case

We just need heat and pressure. To generate pressure we can simply apply a transfer press. This only does the work for flat products like the front printed wallet cases. We attach the design to the cases and place the wallet cases, up to four cases at once, in the oven. When everything is in position, the pump starts pressing the design onto the products making the paper with the prints melt at the cases. Because of the high pressure, the design is kept in place firmly.


Our front printed wallet cases are made of artificial leather and are animal-friendly. The phone is stored in a hard plastic shell, while the front flap protects the screen. The case itself is black and since the wallet cases are front printed, the back side of the wallet remains black. The cases will fit the customers phone perfectly!

Front printed

We can print every visible part on the front of the wallet case. The back and side of the case remains black. The printing technique is so advanced that the print completely blends with the product, it does not look like a printed product at all. Of course we want the customer to enjoy their unique design without interruptions. This is why we use cases where a magnet at the back holds the front flap in place.

Storage space

What makes the wallet case different than other cases is that there is a storage space for pocket money and cards. A customer can store up to three cards inside the case. Really convenient if a customer don’t want to bring their wallet with them!