Credit card phone cases

For a few of our Apple phone models we offer a back printed credit card case. These credit card cases are printed using UV-technology. This printing technique ensures a high quality printed case. Cases itself are transparent.

  • Space for a bank card

  • Protective soft case

  • Thinner than a wallet case

  • UV-printing technology

  • Less space than a wallet case

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Suggested retail price €14,95



Credit card

Multi functional since the transparent soft case can store one bank card.

Best quality prints

Full colour photos and company logos printed with the highest accuracy.

Fast shipping

On workdays before 4 PM the case will be shipped the same day.


The case is protected against all minor damages and scratches.

How does the printing system work?

Our back printed credit card cases are printed with UV-printing. The design will be printed directly on the case, what makes the UV-printing technology different than other technologies.



For producing the back printed credit card cases we use one of our Roland UV-printers. The UV-printer doesn't uses heat or pressure to print the case, unlike the the sublimation printing technique. The design is printed directly at the transparent case. A big advantage is that we can print up to 12 and even 18 cases at once. The variety in designs is not a problem at all.


We offer a back printed credit card case for almost every model of Apple. The case itself is transparent and after printing the edges remain transparent. The soft cases are made of TPU: thermoplastic polyurethane. TPU is a mix between plastic and silicone. It is flexible, but can't break, a customer can't leave scratches behind and it doesn't attracts dust.



Back printed

The design will only be printed at the back of the soft case. The sides of the back printed case will remain transparent, as well as any part of the back that isn't designed. At the back of the case there is a thin line in the color of the case next to the design.