Introduction to our products

We are proud of our over 400 products large and rapidly growing custom phone and tablet cases range. New products are added every week. One of our main goals is time-to-market. As soon as a new model launches we want to have custom phone cases available as quickly as possible. We had products on stock for the actual launch of the latest Apple and Samsung phones for example. On this page you can learn more about the different styles of products we offer. If you want detailed information of which products we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Back printed phone cases

For most phone models we offer a back printed case. For example for phones of Apple, Honor, HTC, Huawei, Nokia, OnePlus, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony and Xiaomi we have back printed cases available. Our range covers more than 200 phone models. The cases are printed using UV-printing. This printing technique ensures a high quality printed case. Cases itself are black or transparent.

Fully printed phone cases

Fully printed cases are produced using sublimation printing. We print the design on paper or foil and produce the phone cases using heat and pressure in our sublimation machines. The inks are absorbed by the special phone case material and will remain on the case forever. We offer matte and glossy cases for over 50 different phone models. Fully printed cases are also known as snap cases.

Fully printed wallet cases

Using our UV-printing technique we can fully print wallet cases for phones. We offer customisable wallet cases for all popular phones of Apple and Samsung. These type of phone cases are made to protect and carry a phone as well to take pocket money or cards. Wallet cases are made of artificial leather and are white. The black case at the inside fits a customers phone perfectly.

Tough cases

Our tough cases are made for consumers who wants extra protection to a phone. The cases are made from two parts: rubber at the inside and a hard case at the outside. The combination of two materials absorbs shocks. Tough cases are available for iPhone and S-series of Samsung.

Smart cases for iPad

The most popular protection for iPads are smart cases. We offer a smart case for all generations of the Apple iPad. The combination of a case and stand is ideal for daily use of the popular Apple tablet. The case is made of white artificial leather. At the inside suede-like material will protect the iPad.

Front printed wallet cases

Another wallet case solution is our front printed wallet case. We print these type of cases on the front using sublimation printing. We offer a front printed wallet case for over 30 different phone models. The inside of these phone covers is black. A customer can store some pocket money and cards at the inside of this wallet case.