Embed personalised phone cases in your marketing project

Personalised phone cases are a gift that will be enjoyed by a large audience. We can run several projects: from setting up a website with designing software for custom phone cases until production on location. We supply products, software and printing solutions according to the needs of the customer. Get in touch with us to learn more about opportunities for your custom case project.

Special event phone case designer

Vredestein wanted to increase their winter tires sales in the Netherlands. We setup a dedicated website for customers where they where able to decorate a case with a coupon. We created auto-mailing lists that sent out coupon codes to the customer.

We did all production and fulfillment, including next day delivery of the custom cases orders.

Fully printed case with company logo

On demand production for Dumpert

Dumpert wanted to involve website visitors in their marketing activities. We produced cases that the web blog could give away to their audience. Thanks to our large range Dumpert could simply say: we have a case for every device.

The next step was that Dumpert started selling the cases as a premium for their visitors and fans. We did all fulfillment and production and made sure we shipped same day.

CJP – Stimulate subscription sales

CJP’s mission is to attract more young people to cultural activities. CJP needed to grow their subscription base and used a voucher for a free custom phone case to convince youngsters in 2014.

The campaign was the most successful of that year and CJP returned with the same campaign in 2017 partnering again with us.

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