Worldwide shipping

We can send dropshipments to your customers or combined shipments to your location. Learn more about our worldwide shipping solutions.


We ship your orders directly to your customers worldwide.

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Printing and shipping on demand

Your orders will be printed on demand when we receive your order in our system. Sell a huge range of products without stock risks. We will print and ship every order placed before our cut-off time of 16:00 (Amsterdam time) that same day. Your orders are made in the Netherlands and shipped worldwide.

Shipping levels

Whatever the needs of your business are: we have a shipping solution for your needs. From speedy delivery with our Express service to cheaper delivery using Tracked or Non-tracked mail services.

Packaging for our dropshipments

Your dropship orders are standard packed in FSC-certified paper envelopes, lined with bubblewrap. Additionally, the phone cases are packed per piece in a plastic bag to protect your designs. The plastics are made for 50% of recycled materials. We ship white label: The shipping label will only contain your customers adress and the minimum information necessary for returns.

Standard phone case shipment

Combined shipping

Receive your orders at your warehouse to ship them yourself.

Bulk shipping phone case Print-On-Demand

Our combined orders feature helps you to receive multiple orders in one box at your warehouse. You can still place seperate orders, which we will combine in one shipment and ship to you. All combined orders placed on work days before 16:00 are combined and shipped to you. Every order is packed seperately in a polybag with your unique order reference as text and barcode at the outside. That way you can identify single orders and process them.