Brand your custom phone cases store

Our phone cases drop shipping solutions to brand your webshop.

Our branding options:

Render your own mockup images

You can use our mockup database to generate your own mockups. That way you create your own product pictures.

When you order manually, you can use the mockup generator in our B2B-webshop. When you use our Invition Print & Ship-plugin for WooCommerce you can generate mockups automatically. API-users can build custom solutions and download our mockup render files.

We have mockups for all off our products. You don’t need to invest in creating images and can kickstart your project straight away.

mock-up generator from the Invition B2B webshop.

Add branding to your orders

You can add your own brand items to your orders. That can be anything: from a compliment card or custom gift wrapping to special seasonal items.

Adding brand items is only available if you use automatic ordering. We charge € 0,20 per item for brand items.

Branded packaging

We use our standard white label packaging for dropshipments, which is always free. If you would like to create unique experiences for your customers, you can send us your branded packaging. This feature is available when you order automatically.

You can brand the inner packaging and outer packaging.

Standard white label packagingBranded white label packaging

Padded shipping envelope

We use a plain white bubble envelope as outer packaging. You can send us your wrap, envelope or anything to pack your orders. We charge € 0,40 per order for custom outer packaging.

Outer case of Invition standar white label packaging

Sealed for protection

We standard use a plastic bag to pack a product. You could replace the seal bag with anything you want. We charge € 0,20 per item to pack them in your packaging.

Inner case of Invition standar white label packaging