Fully automated printing and shipping of your online orders

How does it work?

Step 1

You sell a custom phone case

Add some custom phone cases to your website. You can offer products with your own designs, or let the customer make a design. Anything is possible. Your customer is browsing your website and decides to place an order. When the payment for the product is done, the order is transferred to Invition.

Order your Print on Demand phone cases

↓ The order is automatically transferred to Invition ↓

When using our order API, the order will be automatically placed at the Invition Platform when your customer paid the order.

Step 2

Your order is in production

When the order is placed in the Invition Platform, our print department automatically starts processing the order of your customer.  The next work day (or maybe even the same day!) the order is printed and ready for shipment. We put it in an envelope or a box, add a shipping label and notify the courier.

We print your phone cases

↓ We ship the order directly to your customer ↓

The product is shipped to the customer with your logo on the envelope. We can also ship the orders in bulk to you if you want to be in full control.

Step 3

Your customer is happy

The system notifies your webshop that the order has been shipped and if there is a tracking code, this is added to your webshop. The order is delivered quickly to your customer, with high quality shipment services around the world.

We drop ship your phone cases