How to use Invition Print & Ship for WooCommerce

You can currently use the plugin in two ways. You can:

  1. Sell your own stunning phone cases
  2. Let your customer upload a design

Coming soon: Use Zakeke to let your visitors design their own products!

If you have not installed the plugin yet, take a look at our installation instructions for WordPress.

Selling your own designs

To be able to sell your own designs printed on phone cases, first you need to decide how you want to display your product. The easiest way to sell your designs on all available products is using variable products. This will automate everything you don’t want to do and make sure you only have to focus on your designs and your customers.

A simple product in WooCommerce
A variable product, with dropdown options for Brand, Model and Case type & Colour

Simple product

A simple product is a product which is linked to one specific product at Invition. If you wish to use the design of the customer or you want to create a product for each design separately this is the option you need. You can create simple products using the Add products page in the Invition menu.

Variable product

Variable products are a great way to automate your store and sell your design on hundreds of different models without having to create so many products. Using a variable product creates the option for the customer to select their brand and model and which case they like, all in one page.

Create a variable product

Let your customer upload the design

When creating a simple product you can select for ‘Let the customer upload the design’. When using this option a simple upload function will be displayed in the frontend letting your customer upload the design themselves. Please note this is still a very basic functionality and only useful in specific cases.

Need help? Ask Mike!

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