Zakeke Product Customiser for Shopify and WordPress

With the Zakeke Product Customiser you can sell personalised phone cases on your website and let your customers do the design. Our complete product library is available in the Zakeke system and your order can be placed automatically in our system. The plugin is built and managed by Zakeke and the production will be done by us. The only thing you have to do is sell phone cases!

Responsive product designer

The product customiser is fully responsive, it works intuitive on both computers and smartphones/tablets.

Automatic order handling

Your orders will be placed in our system fully automatic. Zakeke handles the image processing and Invition prints the product.

Quick and easy setup

The software is really easy to setup. Just connect your webshop to Zakeke and enter your Invition API details.

Easy product management

Adding products from Invition is really easy. Zakeke has our full product library integrated and ready to go.

How to start selling personalised cases in Shopify or WooCommerce?

Setting up the system is quite easy! It only requires three steps to start selling personalised phone cases.

Step 1

Register for an account with us

First you can create an account with us. We need a little information about you, who you are, where we can find your webshop and where you live. We will send you the prices and delivery times of our products and give you the credentials to access our ordering system.

Step 2

Register for an account with Zakeke

The next step is to register for an account with Zakeke. When you registered for an account, with a few simple steps you can connect your Zakeke account to your Shopify store.

Step 3

Enter Invition API details in Zakeke account

Log in to the Zakeke Dashboard. Click on customizable products and click on Invition to import products from Invition.  Enter the Invition API credentials. You are ready to start adding products to your webshop and start selling custom phone cases!

Your webshop is ready to go!

Start selling custom phone cases today!

If you read enough and you’re ready to get started, register for an Invition account and immediately start creating products. Please note we need to charge an additional 5% on top of the product price to maintain this service (eg. a product priced at € 4,00 will cost € 4,20 when using the Zakeke service).

Create an account