Invition Print & Ship for WooCommerce

We have a ready-to-install WordPress plugin available for WooCommerce stores. Simply install the plugin, walk through the configuration and you are ready to sell. This plugin has a number of really cool features built in to make it easy to sell your own custom phone cases.

Order API

The plugin uses our order API. When your customer places an order and completes the payment, the order is automatically transferred to our system for printing and shipping. When we ship your order, the order status is changed automatically. Your customer receives an e-mail with a tracking code (if applicable) and shipping confirmation.

Automatic product variations

The most interesting feature is the Automatic Product Variations. There are so many different smartphone models and brands available that it is almost impossible to sell all different types, but not with our plugin. Invition Print & Ship makes it easy to generate product variations for every brand, phone model and case type. Even the product images are rendered automatically. To make this a bit more visible, that could look like this:

Automatic product variations

Price and stock imports

To make it even easier, the plugin also synchronizes pricing and product stocks. When the user selects a product it will see the right price and the right stock levels. This means you will never by accident sell anything which is out of stock or sell something for the wrong price. We will manage it for you.

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