Creating customised phone cases, the story of EGOsketch

Back in 2013 we realized that the phone case market was a little dull. There where some basic phone cases sold by multiple vendors, but no way to get customisable phone cases. We decided to start with our showcase B2C webshop, specialising in custom phone cases on demand: EGOsketch.

One goal in mind

EGOsketch has been established with one goal: to make phone cases unique. So we set off purchasing our domain names and installing WordPress as our CMS. To implement a webshop we decided to use WooCommerce. WordPress/Woocommerce is easy to use, but also enables us to develop custom tools.

Meet: the phone case designer tool

We realized we could let our customers create their own designs by implementing a phone case designer tool. We choosed Zakeke as partner and still work close with them on software improvements. Our customers can create their very own design and proceed to finalise their order using the phone case designer tool. Our second challenge was something specifically for the quick moving phone cases market: automate adding new products.

custom phone case maker software
High customer review score showcase EGOsketch

Automate adding new products

We have a huge range of over 400 products. We wanted to be quick to the market with new products and realised that there is only one way: automation.

In order to deal with the challenges of EGOsketch we created our Invition Print & Ship plugin, connecting WooCommerce with order platform. Secondly we built the Zakeke product customiser extension for Print & Ship, which connects the Print & Ship plugin with the Zakeke.

The backbones of EGOsketch:

Invition Print & Ship logo

Invition Print & Ship

Invition Print & Ship integrates Invition’s systems with the WooCommerce webshop. Orders are handled fully automated.

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Zakeke product designer

The Zakeke extension for Print & Ship connects our WordPress plugin with the custom phone case designer tool from Zakeke.

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Our services

Being the parent company, Invition provides their print on demand service, huge product range, quick time to market and same day fulfilment.

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Mike Sies
Mike Sies
Operations director and software developer

“A lot of IT is required to make this possible. We wanted to deliver higher quality, be faster and make it as easy as possible for customer to personalise their phone case. We built our own platform, which can receive orders fully automated, process print images and handle the full order flow. Secondly, we built our Invition Print & Ship integration for WordPress/WooComerce and the Zakeke extension.”

Setting up EGOsketch

After the development of our software we finished EGOsketch’s website, creating the EGOsketch logo and finalised the website design. Built the webpages and menu items. After integrating Print and Ship and the Zakeke extension for Print and Ship we where ready to start adding products to our webshop.

Did you know

You can update your product range with one click when you install our plugin. We are adding new products every week!

Fill your website

Adding products to the product range is easy after adding both Print & Ship and the Zakeke extension. The Invition Print & Ship plugin can use both single products or product variations to create your product range. When we add a new phone case to our product range, the Zakeke extension will be updated as well.

This way you can add products to your website easily. Your website is always up to date.

Our results

EGOsketch has both been a challenge and a succes to us. We wanted to showcase what is possible with our services and systems. We have also learned how to set-up and run a B2C webshop selling personalised phone cases on demand. And with a high customer review rating of 8.9 we are sure EGOsketch is a succes.

We used the experience from EGOsketch to improve the products and services of Invition. The Print & Ship plugin and Zakeke extension have been updated multiple times in order to improve our services. That way we are sure that our plugin will meet your demands.

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