Get started with Invition and Shopify

Our solutions for Shopify:

Manual ordering

Invition Webshop Quick start

✔   Easy to use

✔   Free of charge

Invition Manual Ordering

Manual ordering is the easiest way to start selling your designs on phone cases. First register for an account so you can access our Invition Webshop. The biggest advantages are the features of the Webshop.

Our mockup generator helps you to generate your product images. Our online design software helps you to easily place your orders. When you register you can start straight away. Once you have placed your order we will dropship it white label, directly to your customer.

Start selling

Features of the Invition Webshop:

Automatic ordering

Order Desk logo

Order Desk Premium

✔   Easy to install

✔   Automate order flow

−   Additional charge

−   No stock updates

Order Desk makes integrating to our platform easy. Your orders will be handled automatically and you can set various rules for automatic order processing. We advise using Order Desk for Shopify when you sell five or more cases per day. You can read here how to setup Order Desk for Shopify and Invition or ask us for help if needed.

Request your API-keys
Creating custom integrations

Custom integration

✔   Tailor made solution

−   More time to set-up

You might have a custom project and want to connect to us directly. We have an easy to understand REST API which is used by a lot companies worldwide. Our API is hosted on Kubernetes for maximum uptime.

API documentation