Start selling phone and iPad cases

Start selling your designs on phone or iPad cases today. Choose from the methods to connect below. All our solutions are available free of charge. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced programmer or a beginner in the world of building websites, if you have a succesful webshop or you’re just starting, if you sell products online or offline, if you want to build a long term partnership or just want to do a single promotion: if it involves printed phone cases we have a solution that fits!

Plugins for your webshop

We have partnerships with multiple companies who serve great plugins for your webshop. Our product catalog is directly integrated with their services making it easy to start. If you want to start selling your own cool designs easily, or you wish to offer design-your-own services on your website, check out our plugins!

See the plugins
Integrated webshop with Invition print & ship

Place orders manually

You can use our Dashboard to place manual orders. It is possible to place dropship orders directly in the Dashboard. Just enter the customer details and your products and designs and we will ship the order white label and directly to your customer.

Manual ordering
manual ordering with Invition app

Custom integrations

We have all the documentation available for custom integrations. We also have a PHP library available to give you a jump start when using PHP. Read more on the custom integrations page or contact us with your inquiry.

Custom integrations