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Read the latest news about Invition. On this page you will be notified about important things around software updates, new products and new services.

306, 2020

New Fully printed cases and Tough cases

June 3rd, 2020|Categories: News, Products|

New Fully printed cases and Tough cases We are very excited to announce that we renewed our Fully printed and Tough cases range. You can now expect cases of higher quality. We are proud that we have developed a product that is outperforming most fully printed and Tough cases in the market. We are already shipping our new Tough cases for the iPhone 11 models. What will change? All current fully printed cases will be End of Life. The popular models will be replaced by the new Deluxe version, a strong and almost scratch free fully [...]

904, 2020

New products April 2020: iPhone 11 Tough cases and more

April 9th, 2020|Categories: News, Products|

New products April 2020: iPhone 11 Tough cases and more We are excited to launch different new products. You might have found the new cases already in our Dashboard, API or plugins. We are always adding new products, make sure you stay up to date. You can find a list of all new SKU below. iPhone 11 Tough cases T11180000 Apple iPhone 11 Tough case (fully printed gloss, black insert) T11190000 Apple iPhone 11 Pro Tough case (fully printed gloss, black insert) T11200000 Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Tough case (fully printed gloss, black insert) [...]

704, 2020

Print & Ship version 1.9 launched for WooCommerce

April 7th, 2020|Categories: News, WooCommerce|

Print & Ship 1.9 launched for WooCommerce Yesterday we have launched version 1.9.0 of the Print & Ship extension for WooCommerce. We jumped to 1.9 because there are some major changes. I will explain the changes below and the impact it might have on your website. Storage location for order line print images We have decided to move the storage location of print images on order line level to a different folder. In the past, every print image was stored in the media library. This causes a lot of polution in WordPress because [...]

2602, 2020

New Samsung Galaxy S20 cases

February 26th, 2020|Categories: News, Products|

Print on demand Samsung Galaxy S20 cases available You might have spotted soft cases for the new Samsung S20 phones in our Dashboard or SKU-list already. Samsung introduced the Samsung Galaxy S20-range as their new flagship-models. We offer custom transparant and black soft cases for all new Samsung Galaxy S20 phones. You can find a list below. Samsung Galaxy S20 back printed cases B63730000 Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Soft case (back printed, black) B63740000 Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Soft case (back printed, black) B63750000 Samsung Galaxy S20 Soft case (back printed, black) B63760000 Samsung Galaxy S20 [...]

312, 2019

Holiday packaging and Christmas extras

December 3rd, 2019|Categories: News, WooCommerce|

Holiday celebrations on your WooCommerce webshop December has started and people are purchasing their Christmas gifts. If you use our Print & Ship plugin and you wish to do some extra marketing activities for the holidays, we have an exciting feature for you! You can add gifts and Christmas packaging to your orders automatically during the holidays. It is possible to add a gift wrap to every case that is sold, or add a nice extra gift to each order, and it's really simple! Adding gifts can also be done when you're not using the plugin, please contact [...]

2211, 2019

Holiday Season 2019 order deadlines

November 22nd, 2019|Categories: News|

We are looking forward to the Holiday season! To make sure we can handle all your orders we will operate extra shifts in December. It’s important that we receive your orders on time, please be aware of the following ordering deadlines in December at 16:00 CET of that particular day: Netherlands Standard and tracked mail: Thurday 18th Express (Premium): Friday 20th Belgium Standard mail: Tuedsday 10th Tracked mail: Thursday 12th Express (Premium): Friday 20th Rest European Union Standard mail: Monday 9th Tracked mail: Thursday 12th Express (Premium): Monday 16th Norway and Switzerland Tracked mail: Thursday 12th United States and Canada [...]