In what type of package do you ship orders?

We have different shipping options. Each of them has own packaging. This article explains which package we will use in what situation.

Can I supply my own packaging?

Yes, you can supply your own packaging when you are ordering automated. Note that stocking costs and a small fee apply to this option. We made a separate article about supplying your own package.

Supplying your own package

Normal and tracked mail

For standard packaging we use paper envelopes with a bubblewrap layer on the inside. The case itself is wrapped in a little plastic envelop. The paper is FSC-certified and the plastics are made for 50% of receycled material.

Standard shipping custom phone cases

Bulk shipments

When you use Bulk shipments we will send your items in a carton box made of dual layered carton for extra protection. Our boxes are FSC-certified. All bulk orders are packed separately with your order number as barcode on the packing slips.

Bulk shipping phone case Print-On-Demand